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What We Do

What We Do

The Principal Activities of Gamru Village School include:

Providing full scholarships to all 170 children currently at the school. Students attend school from 8:30am to 2:30pm, 5 days a week and alternate Saturdays. They receive a Summer and Winter uniform, books and stationery as well as a daily nutritious meal. All affiliation fees and examination costs are also covered.

Teaching the Indian Curriculum in an innovative manner.
This includes regular extra-curricular classes covering subjects such as environmental conservation, first-aid and health education, arts and crafts, horticulture and agriculture, music and physical education, and vocational skills.

Maximizing the participation of girls in education and encouraging them to join non-traditional activities such as vocational training, sports and leadership development. They receive equal treatment on every level.

Providing a day care centre that serves the dual purpose of

  1. ensuring that infants have a safe and nurturing environment and acquire early learning skills; and
  2. ensuring older children do not miss out on their education by having to look after their younger siblings.

Sanitation facilities, teeth brushing and hygiene awareness education. The students take part in regular cleanliness inspections (hair, clothes and nails) in assemblies and are encouraged to brush their teach at school. They also drink filtered water for increased safety against water-borne diseases.

Providing a lunchtime feeding program to schoolchildren, ensuring the children receive at least one healthy and filling meal a day. This program boosts concentration and nutritional levels. Everyday they receive dhal, rice and a seasonal vegetable. When we can they also receive fruit. The nursery students also receive a breakfast of porridge, soft potato or banana.

With the help of the Volunteers Program, Gamru Village School is able to run a large extra- curricular activities program and improve on local teaching methods with western innovative methods.