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Teachers and Staff

Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma
School Principal and Social Sciences Teacher

Meenakshi Sharma

Meenakshi has a BA in Education and an MA in Political Science from the Himachal Pradesh University, India. She is the Principal of Gamru Village School and works tirelessly to ensure that all of the children have the best possible chances of success for the future. Meenakshi teaches Social Sciences to the students in the 6th, 7th and 8th standards, as well as Maths to the 3rd standard students. She has a keen interest in sports and outdoor pursuits. Further hobbies include watching action movies and the Discovery channel.

“Every child has the right to an education, nutritional food and a happy childhood.”



Mrs. Sushma Chaudhary
Hindi Teacher and Deputy Principal

Sushma Chaudhary

Sushma teaches Hindi from 3rd to 8th standard, and is also in charge of monitoring the 8th standard students. Further responsibilities include being Deputy Principal of the school, and keeping an eye on the overall welfare of the students. She is also responsible for all the school’s medical supplies and administering first aid when necessary. She joined the school in 2004 and her main interest is craft work.

“Each new day is a challenge. To stay fresh and alive in spirit, there must be change.”



Mrs. Tripti Jasrotia
English Teacher

Tripti Jasrotia

Tripti teaches English from 3rd to 8th Standard. She is also in charge of monitoring the 5th Standard students. Further responsibilities include managing assemblies and discipline within the school. She joined the school in 2005 and her main hobby and interest is reading.

“If I can do some good today, serving along life’s way, If I can be helpful then please God show me how.”



Science and Maths teacher


Namrata teaches Science from 5th to 8th standard and Maths from 4th to 8th standard. She is in charge of monitoring the 6th Standard students and overseeing the kitchen staff, as well as ordering and maintaining food supplies for the students’ daily meals. She manages the arts and crafts activities at the school. She came to the school in 2006 and her hobby is to produce artwork and craftwork.

“Success comes to those who always look on the brighter side of life. So stay positive and always reach for the stars.



Naresh Chaudhary
Physical Education, Maths and G.K. teacher

Naresh Chaudhary

Naresh teaches all of the children Physical Education and Yoga. He is also responsible for teaching Maths to the 2nd standard students as well as teaching General Knowledge to the 4th-7th standard students. He joined the school in 2009 and is also responsible for discipline within the school. He enjoys riding his motorbike, driving, walking and spending time with friends.

“Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new.”




Sanskrit & Art Teacher


Nisha teaches Sanskrit to 6th-8th standard students as well as Art and Drawing. She is in charge of monitoring the progress of all 2nd Standard students, and is also responsible for monitoring and stocking the school library. She joined the school in September 2007, and her hobby is reading.

“You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself.”




Junior class teacher & Environmental studies


Reena is a welcome addition to our team, joining our school in 2017.  She teaches all subjects to 1st and 2nd standard as well as other classes up to 5th standard, including Environmental awareness. She has an M.A and Junior Basic Training qualifications. She is passionate about teaching. Her other hobby is dancing.

“Life is a synonym for hard work.”




Nursery Teacher


Ranjana teaches all the children in the nursery class and is responsible for monitoring and overseeing their progress and behaviour. There are currently 29 students in nursery class alone. She therefore has an assistant to help her take care of them all. She joined the school in April 2008, and enjoys cooking.

“There are so many stars in our universe, but the Pole Star is unique and guides many of us in life. So aim high and be like the Pole Star.”




Assistant Nursery Teacher


Usha joined the school part-time in late 2011. Ranjana deals with 1/4 of the school intake, as there are over 40 children currently in Nursery Class. Needing help with the increased numbers, Usha is invaluable. She helps out in the Nursery for 2-3 hours every morning.






Support Staff

School Caretaker and Peon

Pooja Peon

Pooja is another welcome addition to our current staff and became the caretaker at Gamru Village School in 2017, after Pawan left. She looks after the school grounds, cleans the building, completes maintenance checks, signals the end of lessons, runs errands and helps complete a lot of the day-to-day administrative business. Her energy and smiles are infectious! She has two sons,  in 3rd class and Nursery class.





Saroj Devi
Cook and Peon


Saroj Devi joined us in April 2017 and is an excellent cook. She also helps clean the school, prepare the nursery for the morning session, look after visitors’ needs and signals the end of lessons and the school day. Cooking is her hobby and passion which is why she is always so happy in her work. She has one daughter studying in 6th class and a son in 4th class.