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Running Costs

Here are the current costs of running Gamru Village School. At present we only have 6 or 7 regular key sponsors, but they can not always support all of our increasing costs. We desperately need more donors and sponsors. Could you give a one-off donation, a regular small amount or cover one of our costs below? If so please get in touch. We always need your support!

We keep our administration costs to a minimum in order to maximize the impact of all donations received.

Breakdown of costs Rupees U.S Dollars GB Pounds Euros
Everything for the school & students for 1 year INR1,200,000 $21,820 £14,460 €17,780
Rent costs for the school building for 1 month INR15,000 $275 £180 €225
All food costs for the whole school for 1 year INR150,000 $2,800 £1,820 €2,100
All school costs for 1 student for 1 year INR7,400 $140 £90 €100
All food costs for 1 student for 1 year INR950 $17.50 £12 €14
All school costs for 1 student for 1 month INR675 $12.50 £8.50 €10
Daily costs of opening and running the school INR3,500 $63.50 £43 €52
Sponsorship of 9th/10th class students per year INR1600 $30 £20 €24

We are looking for extra special sponsors who can help us buy land and build a bigger, better and safer school building. Do you know of any companies or N.G.Os. who would be willing to donate? Do you work for such a company who needs a philanthropic cause? Or can you help personally? We need to find S120,000 to offer our students a more secure and improved future at Gamru School.