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Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsorsSince the school started, we have received many kind donations over the years. Fortunately we have had a very dedicated, small group of people support the school since 2006. Without their financial support and concern, we would not exist. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank our principal sponsors.

Anna-Marie, Belgium (Principal Sponsor), Ivon, Michel, Anneke & Jeanine, Belgium

Anna-Marie’s first involvement with Gamru school was in 2004 when she bought the school its water filter to guarantee safe drinking water for the children. From 2006 onwards she and her friends have been our main sponsors, donating money towards the cost of the rent of the school building, the teachers’ salaries, food for the daily meal and towards general school supplies. She visits the school as regularly as possible and is a committed friend of the school.

“At times it has been a struggle keeping this school open. It would be a huge shame if the children’s futures were jeopardized by a lack of funds now, so please join us and help keep it and their dreams alive.”

Rachel & Simon, UK

Rachel is a secondary school teacher in England and has been involved with the school on a regular basis since 2008. Both have donated funds raised by her school and their family and friends, as well as giving a personal monthly donation and extra support when needed. They donated our first school computer, printer and internet access. Rachel also maintains this website and funds its administration costs and has produced the school magazines and Facebook pages, as well as teaching English and Computer skills to the students. In 2012 she wrote a new English curriculum from 1st-8th standards to help improve enjoyment and attainment. Now in 2013-2014 she is with us once again, teaching 4th – 8th Classes English grammar & computer skills, helping us find sponsors for our students who need to leave each year and promoting the sale of our arts & crafts items.

“We are so impressed with all the teachers’ dedication and the skills and abilities displayed by the students, as well as their eagerness to learn. It is clear they love their school and appreciate the chances given to them in their general behaviour. Gamru Village School is truly a magical place. We must fight to ensure it prospers well into the future and continues to be a success.”

Mr. N.D. Kulkarni

Mr. Kulkarni is a businessman from Delhi who provides the students with their Summer and Winter uniforms every year, as well as contributing towards the cost of food and rent.

Rotary Club, Dharamsala

It is thanks to the Rotary Club Dharamsala that the school was founded in the first place. They have supported Gamru Village School in their own way since Phil first approached them for help in 2003. Over the years they have donated materials and furniture, and were instrumental in the decision to approach Philippe Lamoise at Rotary International for extra support. In 2009 Rotary International granted Gamru Village School 7 lakh rupees to buy school furniture and other badly needed educational materials. It is thanks to them that our students now have a more comfortable school to study in.

Dr. Roscoe Hill and Dr. Sheila Wright, University of Denver, U.S.A

Roscoe has been a friend of the school for several years and sends a group of university students here each year to volunteer and donate materials. He and Sheila donate annually towards our general running costs. Roscoe helped the school become certified with the charity website, ‘CAFAmerica’, so donors in the U.S can now make Tax Deductible gifts to Gamru Village School. (For more information click on the SUPPORT US/DONATE tab above.) Both Roscoe and his lovely wife Sheila are long-time supporters of our school, and have been especially generous this year. Thank you.

Sanutal Belgium B.V.B.A

Sanutal Belgium became involved with the school through Anna-Marie (Principal Sponsor) in August 2012 and we are very happy to welcome them as a new sponsor. They have given a substantial donation towards rent of the school building and this will make a huge difference. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Priya Singh, India

Thank you very much to Mrs. Priya Singh who became involved with the school in 2012 and is now giving a regular monthly donation to help us meet our general running costs. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Philip Adams, UK

Philip founded the school in 2004 when he noticed many village children hanging around and not attending school. From 2004-2012 he supported us from afar, contributing towards general running costs and teachers’ salaries on a yearly basis. He was instrumental in finding us extra support from the local Rotary Club Dharamsala and through them, Rotary International. He lives close by in Rakkar village with his wife Deepa. However, his involvement with the school came to an end in June 2012.

“In 2003 I noticed lots of hungry, unsupervised children with no school to go to. I thought to myself, ‘These kids are smart and just need a chance in life.’ So I opened Gamru Village School to provide them with a future.”

Brian Sebastian, U.S.A

Brian, who lives locally in Sidhbari, has helped us enormously behind the scenes by creating both our websites. This new site is the result of many hours spent with Rachel, transferring all the information from the old website and updating the format to be compatible with modern technology and mobile phones. He hosts our website free of charge on his own server and is always on hand should we face any technical problems. His help is greatly appreciated, not to mention his patience with teaching Rachel how to input simple code and design pages so she can maintain this website in future! Thank you Brian for providing us with the means to reach a world audience.

As well as these key sponsors, we have so many other people we would like to thank who have all helped us along the way over the years. Some give one-off donations or smaller regular donations, some support individual students who have had to leave the school to continue their studies in 9th and 10th standard. We are very grateful for your support.



Dr. Vijay Sharma (India) Dr. Anil Vidyalankar (India) The John F. Kennedy School (UK)
Rose Briggs (Canada) James Sather (Canada) Mr O.P.Vaish (India)
Mrs. Sarika Singh (India) Mrs.Amita Lalit (India) Manju Khadse (India)
Dr. Kishwar A. Shirali (India) Ms. Jane (UK) Mr. Rakesh Sharmar (India)
Sh. Kishori Lal (India) Jagori Group (India) The Nishtaa Organisation (India)
Mr. U.M.A. Bhagat (India) Mrs. SaumyaSharma (India) Mr. Surender Chaudhary (India)
Mr. Ashwani Sharma (India) Ms. Nidhi Dagur (India) Mr. Ajay Desh Pande (India)
John & Anne Cusworth (UK) Alan & Denise Edwards (UK) Marie & Cedric Savignac (France)
Mrs. Diana Thomson (UK) Mrs. Liz Hawley (UK) Mr. Jim Grimes (UK)
Mr. Anthony Oliver (UK) Mosaic & Martin Pike (UK) Mrs. Pauline Harrold (UK)
Gerry Tyrrell & family (UK) Ms. Jess Lower (UK) Kay & 86th Notts. Guide Group (UK)
Brendan Jones (Ireland) Tom Daly (Ireland) Mr. V.S. Parmar (India)
Mr. Vijay Kanojia (India) Mrs. Leela Devi (India) Mr & Mrs. Tandon (India)
Sonia & Brian (India) Mr. A.C. Sood (India) Mrs Jyoti Awasthy (India)
David M Euchern (Canada) Mrs. Sarla Sharma (India) Indu Puri (India)
Mr. Wangdue (India) Linda Wirt (Canada) Michael Mitchell (Canada)
Haus Bormann (Germany) Joy & Mithi Bhowmik (UK) Jason England & Cristina Bertuccio (UK)
Richard & Kate Cobb (UK) Gwyn & Peter Maude (UK) Gowri Bhavadas & Raju Joseph (India)
Jisha Chandran (India) Prem Chand (India) Mrs. Beema Butail (India)
Mrs. Nicola Tansley (UK) Florian Clement (France) Hari Bhavadas (India)
Ranee Bear & Family (U.S.A) Kunchok Rabgee (U.S.A) Mrs. Roopa Ramesh (India)
Om Prakash (India) Sanjeer Mohanty (India) Mrs. Sue Burton (UK)
Mr. Rakesh Saklani (India) Nadia Abdoune (India) Chloe De La Harpe (South Africa)
Innerwheel Club (India) Mr. Rajesh Thakur (India) Katy Batterham (Australia)
Ghamandi Lal (India) Vimla Devi (India) Mr. Pratap Singh (India)
Sh. Rashan Lal (India) Mukand Lal (India) Mr. Philippe Lamoise (U.S.A)
FujiFilm Poland (Poland) Sanutal Belgium B.V.B.A Dr. Sheila Wright (U.S.A)
 Wandsworth Friends (UK)  Mrs. Susie Greenwood (UK) Mrs. Susan Paskins (UK)
 Mrs. Jane Tridgell (UK) Mr. Ben Tansley (UK)  Mrs. Sonia Moser (India)
 Mrs. Pauline Albon (UK) Mrs. Pauline Murray (UK) Mr. Fabrice Dally (Reunion, France)
 Mr. Krishan K Sharma (India)  Nechung Monastery (India) L.H.A. McLeod Ganj (India)
NEW SPONSORS 2013-2014
Ms. Gillian Carter (UK) Mr. Ian Carter (UK) Mrs Christine Edwards (NZ)
Emilie & Marco (Canada) Mrs. Margaret Maizey (UK) Mr. Ulf Abramson (Sweden)
Year 7 JFK School (UK) Year 8 JFK School (UK) Year 9 JFK School (UK)
Chris & Cathy Rawson (UK) Mrs. Natalie Timoney (UK) Sascha Gering & family, (Germany)
Mark & Kate White (UK) Mrs. Sarah Taylor (UK) Alejandro Alemany (UK/Spain)
Christer Carlsson (Sweden) Ulla Berglund (Sweden) Silvia Grohs-Jordansson (Sweden)
Andreea Costache (Sweden) Ann Enstrom (Sweden) Anders Brannstrom (Sweden)
Jantis (Sweden) Richard Ciza (Sweden) Soren Andersson (Sweden)
Liana McIssac (U.S.A.) Ulrika Pileborg (Sweden) Ulla Gadefors-Christensen (Sweden)
Gouri Banerji (Australia) Sara Graham & family (UK) Mo, John, Harvey & Finn Graham (UK)
Lalatendu & Debjani Dash (UK) Ditte & Cor Westdorp (Holland) Wouter Sloof & Josien Westdorp (Holland)
Rajesh Radhakrishnan (Singapore) Manjula Thapa (Switzerland) Janet Shimmin (UK)
Rob & Kim Roberts (U.S.A) Peder Ringbom (Sweden) Valder Malmborg (Sweden)
Thomas Klang (Sweden) Ingeborg Lindstrom (Sweden) Britt Silvergren (Sweden)
John & Anna Andersson (Sweden) Rashmi Kakad (Singapore) Elaine Murray (U.K.)
NEW SPONSORS 2015-2016
 Kristine (USA)  SK  Tondon (India)  Chris & Cathy Rawson (UK)
 Ines Palmtag (Switzerland)  Sh.Hitesh LakhanPal (DSP Dharamshala  Mrs. Diana Thomson (UK)
 Piyush Goyal (Delhi, India)  Mrs. Shalini Kachroo (India)  Marie & Cedric Savignac (France)
 Rick Winter(USA)  Janaky Subramaniam (India)  Mark & Kate White (Spain)
 Anil Vidyalankar (Delhi, India)  Pankaj Bhasin  Esha Kansal (UK)
 Dr. Leena Godbole (Delhi, India)  Amrit Lal & Shashi Chadda (USA)  Deborah Witter (UK)
 Gurunath Shikshan Trust(Delhi,India) Mr. Rajesh Saklani (Delhi, India)  Suzie Greenwood (UK)
 Mr.Kishori Lal( India)  Asa Cathral Taum(Aus.)  Dr. Alex Mckly (Aus.)
 Miriam Malamud (USA)  Tony Dawson (Aus.)  Kate Beesley & Family (Aus.)
 Rose Mary Peck (Aus.)  John Stuart (Aus.)  Juanuahold (Aus.)
 Graham Baker (Aus.)  Prima Singh (Sweden)  St. Albans Girls’ School (UK)
 Sara Patel & family (UK)  St. James Girls Senior School (UK)