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Donations from Australia/NZ

Donate through PayPal (No International Transfer Fee)

PayPal donations are made directly to our Foreign Donations Coordinator, Rachel Cusworth. You can donate in Euros and other currencies.

1. Go to PayPal.com and sign in (or set up an account)

2. In your home page click on the ‘Send Money’ bar at the top.

3. Type in the email address: cusworth.rachel@googlemail.com , and then the amount you wish to send. Make sure you select the correct currency from the drop down menu.

4. Select the ‘I am sending money to family or friends’ option. Click continue.

5. Enter your preferred currency and your payment details (by Paypal account balance or Debit card it is free, by Credit card there is a small charge) and send. Please make sure you write a message in the box provided and clearly give us details of your home address. This is obligatory for all foreign donations and is needed for our school records and for the receipt book.

The money will be drawn out of a local ATM and given in to Meenakshi Sharma, the Principal. An official school receipt will be sent to you either by post, or a copy sent to you by email (to save the school postage costs). Please state which method for receiving your receipt you prefer in your message when you send the donation.

Donate in AUS$ or NZ$ by Direct Deposit

Beneficiary Name: Community Growth Society
Account No: / IBAN 0354040100001493
Street Address: P.O Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamsala
City: Distr. Kangra
State: Himachal Pradesh
Country: India
Beneficiary F.I. Name: Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd. Mumbai
International ABA# / Swift Code: JAKAINBB
Wire Transfer Country Code: IN
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
Intermediary F.I. Name: Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
International ABA# / Swift Code (BIC): ANZB AU3M
Intermediary F.I. Account #: 228965-0001
Bank Address: 388 Collins Street, P.O.Box No. 249B
City: Melbourne
State: Victoria 3001
Country: Australia