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September 2015 Update

Date: September 30, 2015 Author: Rachel Categories: News

This September, Kailash who has had a skull defect since birth received his first operation to correct it. We pledged to help him with his series of operations 4 years ago when he was 4 years old, but he has had to wait until he is old enough to cope with this invasive surgery. With the help of Rachel and her friends (Anthony Oliver and Mosaic Williams from the UK) his first operation in the PGI hospital at Chandigarh was held successfully last month. He now needs 4 more operations. This first operation cost Rs45000. At present our school is finding it hard to cover the costs of the subsequent operations and treatment. Should anyone be willing to help please contact Meenakshi on (09816105554) or by school email. Kailash’s father is a poor labourer from Chhattisgarh (a poor rural region in central India) and for him the costs of the operations is insurmountable.



On 19 September we held our public speaking competition for students from 5th-8th classes. Each class was given a different topic , including ‘Time’, ‘Friends’ ‘Pen’, ‘Mobile phone’ and ‘Education’.

Well done to our winners: 8th class (Muskan), 7th Class (Muskan), 6th Class (Riya), 5th Class (Chandni).

We also welcome back a very friendly face, Anne Mawdsley from New Zealand. She will stay with us for another 3 months and help teach English grammar to 6th-8th classes.