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May 2014 update

Date: May 11, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News


Following the beginning of a new academic year, the teachers attended two workshops, one run by Rachel and one by Nicola Tansley (former Primary school Head teacher & child psychologist). The need for a more long lasting and uniform approach to discipline and behaviour was discussed and positive approaches agreed upon by all.

On Saturday 3rd May all students from 1st-8th class discussed discipline and behaviour, and the students themselves, in small discussion groups, collectively made up the new school rules for staff and students and were involved in every stage of the process. They did very well, and understood the need to word everything positively and supportively. This week they are continuing to work on this most important topic and are designing their own posters of the new school rules, to be displayed in every classroom as a reminder to all of our positive intentions.

Here are the rules the students themselves wrote; Very impressive and mature!

  1. We will respect and help each other.
  2. We will behave well and keep our hands to ourselves.
  3. We will keep ourselves and our school clean.
  4. We will always tell the truth.
  5. We will do our best and work  hard. We will listen and study carefully.
  6. We will help each other learn and support students who need extra help.
  7. We will help and look after younger children.
  8. We will arrive on time to school and lessons.
  9. We will look after school property.
  10. We will respect other people’s property.


Discipline and poitive Behaviour day



Each year, around the month of May, students from 3rd-8th class always enjoy taking part in a drawing competition. This year the themes were flowers, nature and good environmental messages. Everyone enjoyed themselves and did very well indeed.

Drawing competition May 2014



On Thursday 8th August students from 3rd-5th classes (Juniors) and 6th-8th classes (Seniors) enjoyed a flower arranging competition. Some students also brought into school flowering plants that they had grown and looked after at home to also be judged by Mr. Kishori Lal (School President & Flower nursery owner)

Members of the Dharamsala Rotary Club were our special guests; (Dr. Y.K. Dogra – President, Dr. Vijay Sharma, Yash Sabharwal, Y.K. Sehgal – Secretary, Rajan Chadha and Ashwani Sharma) and came to award the winning students of both the Flower Arranging competition and last week’s Drawing Competition with individual certificates and trophies. Everyone had a very enjoyable morning and the students made some beautiful posies an bouquets. Well done to everyone, but especially to this year’s winners:

Senior Flower Arranging

1st prize – Deepu (8th class),  2nd Prize – Akshay (7th class), 3rd prize – Tanya (6th class)

Junior Flower Arranging

1st prize – Komal (5th class),  2nd prize – Kanika (5th class),  3rd prize – Anita (4th class)

Senior Drawing Competition

1st prize – Ankita (7th class),  2nd prize – Rohit (8th class),  3rd prize – Vikram (6th class)

Junior Drawing competition

1st prize – Asha (5th class),  2nd prize – Pushpa (4th class),  3rd prize – Kritika (4th class)


Winners of drawing & flower arranging competitions May 2014, presented by Rotary Club Dharamsala