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June 2015 Update

Date: June 30, 2015 Author: Rachel Categories: News

This month another Dharamsala NGO organised and ‘Environment Day’, inviting students from all loca school to come and share their views and opinions regarding our environment. The students were asked to share their thoughts through slogans, posters, speeches and poetry. Our school was fortunate to win two prizes in the poetry competition: Well done to Ankita from 8th class for coming 2nd, and Muskan in 7th class for coming 4th. Their photos appeared in the local newspaper.




We also enjoy visits from previous students, who often like to come back to school to greet their old teachers and see the new students, and share their stories. This month Ajit Negi, Sneh Lata Negi and Poonam Lata Negi, all brothers and sisters came back to visit us. Ajit is currently studying in BCA and Poonam is in her first year of a BSc. Sneh Lata became a nun last year. We wish them all success in the future studies and life choices.