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June 2012 update

Date: June 30, 2012 Author: Rachel Categories: News

School Outing.

June was a very busy month for us this year! On the last day of term before the school broke up for monsoon holiday, we all went on a picnic up to Dal Lake near Naddi. The weather was kind to us and everyone had a great time. The students relaxed together and enjoyed singing, dancing and playing in the surrounding area. They were very well behaved and a credit to the school. Fortunately we all arrived back home safely before the Heaven’s opened!

Picnic 2012

Environmental Conservation Project.

As part of our extra-curricular programme we teach the students about the importance of conservation and how they can improve and take responsibility for their local environment. We are fortunate to have Mr. Kishori Lal, the local plant and flower nursery owner on our school committee, and he takes time to explain the importance of planting new trees and plants to our students. This year our 3rd-8th class students were each given a flowerpot and asked to take it home and grow the plant of their choice as an environmental project. After 6 weeks Mr. Kishori Lal came down to the school and judged the results. He offered advice and growing tips for next year’s competition. We have some future gardeners and conservationists at our school! Well done to the winners of the competition: 1st prize – Gourav (8th class), 2nd prize – Rakhi (7th class), 3rd prize – Kusum (8th class). Lower school winners: Tamana & Ankita (5th Class) Chander Babu (4th class).

Environment 2012

FujiFilm Poland Visit.

8 employees from FujiFilm Poland came to Dharamsala to host a project in a local school. We were very lucky to have been selected and enjoyed a memorable 2 days with them. They chose 28 of our students to take part in a photography project. Our students first learnt a little about Poland, its culture and people and even some of their language before our visitors taught them basic photography skills using digital FujiFilm cameras. Our students were asked to photograph things which interested them in their local environment. On the last day our FujiFilm visitors judged the results (over 2000 photos had been taken!) and showed each student’s best results to the rest of the group, taking time to explain why each photo was a good photo. There were so many, but eventually they managed to select 3 winners. Well done to Kiran in 7th class who came 1st. The experts loved her portrait shots and use of light and frame. A close 2nd was Shiwani from 7th class, whose composition was excellent. In 3rd place was Sonu from 6th class. They especially liked his unique and original macro shots of nature. After the experience FujiFilm Poland kindly donated 30 digital cameras to the school. Thank you so much! Our students had an amazing experience they will never forget and we will continue to use the cameras in our lessons in future to broaden our curriculum.

Fuji Visit2012