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January 2014 update

Date: January 20, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Successful surgical operation for Ajay!

Ajay is currently in 2nd Class and suffered for over a year from a condition called ‘Kala Azar’ (Leishmaniasis). This causes the stomach to swell due to a parasite in the liver and spleen. This disease is the second-largest parasitic killer worldwide after Malaria, and if left unchecked can lead to death. Ajay’s father is a labourer and was not aware of the danger. Fortunately Tibetan neighbours noticed the problem and raised money through the RTYC (Tibetan Youth Congress) for an operation. He was accompanied to Chandigarh PGI Hospital where he was successfully cured of the disease. After a fortnight in hospital for observation, Ajay was happy and eager to come back to school, an incredible 2.5kg lighter! He is doing well, thanks to the RTYC. God bless you for your help. He has since been adopted by a Tibetan family and is boarding at the lower TCV school, following his transfer in April 2014. Here he will receive a good education as well as the correct care and attention he needs.

 Ajay 2014


Arts & Crafts.

Students, led by Science and Art teacher Namrata, got creative and used waste materials and recycled craft paper to produce some stunning pieces of art work and gift cards. Students are now selling such materials to help raise money for the school.

Jan 2014


Letter writing competition.

At the end of January Jagori Group visited and held an activities session for the children, which finished with a letter-writing competition. The theme was ‘A letter to my mother.’ The children had a lot of fun and wrote many lovely letters.

Jagori visit 2014