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February 2012 update

Date: February 28, 2012 Author: Rachel Categories: News

8th Class Farewell Party.

It is always a sad time for the school in February every year, as it is time to say goodbye to our 8th class students who leave in March after their final exams. This year we had 12 students in 8th class, and all of them passed their exams – congratulations to all of you! 10 of them have decided to continue their education this year and have joined the local Government Schools. Thank you to those individuals who have kindly sponsored their further education for 2 years. For details, see our 2012 magazine.

Farewell to 8th Class Feb 2012

Board decoration competition.

Every year we divide the senior students in 5th-8th class into 3 or 4 different teams and ask them to decorate a large display board with work and pictures illustrating what has been happening in India and Indian culture. This year’s results were very good and expressed an interest in many key issues, such as equality, woman’s rights, family and environment. Judge for yourself.

Board decoration 2012