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February 2014 update

Date: February 28, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News

One Billion Rising For Justice / Jagori visit. On 14th February there was an important rally across the whole of India called ‘ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE’. The day highlighted crimes and injustices committed against women in India and asked everyone to join in and make their voice heard against the exploitation of women. Pledges…

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January 2014 update

Date: January 20, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Successful surgical operation for Ajay! Ajay is currently in 2nd Class and suffered for over a year from a condition called ‘Kala Azar’ (Leishmaniasis). This causes the stomach to swell due to a parasite in the liver and spleen. This disease is the second-largest parasitic killer worldwide after Malaria, and if left unchecked can lead…

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December 2013 update

Date: December 31, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Eve visit On 24th December Rachel & Simon (UK) came to school with Christmas goodie bags for all the students and presents for all the staff. Each student received an orange, fruit bar, snack bag, chocolate bar, pack of biscuits and some sweets. Thank you Santa! The staff were given dress…

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November 2013 update

Date: November 30, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

The Gamru School Annual Function! This year Anna-Marie, our main sponsor came to visit for two weeks in November. The students had been practising for the big event, and everyone’s favourite time of year – the school Annual Function. Staff and students had all worked very hard to make costumes and sets, learn several dances…

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October 2013 update

Date: October 31, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Sports Day All students and staff enjoyed this year’s sports day. The weather was lovely and some of the school committee members, as well as parents and villagers also came to support the children’s efforts. The usual races (Sprint, lemon & spoon, sack race, three-legged and frog race) were completed and popular games played (tug-o-war, koko…

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September 2013 update

Date: September 30, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Happy Teachers’ Day! The students from 8th class treated all of the teachers to a special display of song and dance, performed funny sketches (including impersonations of their teachers!) and wrote a cryptic quiz question for each teacher to solve. If they were successful they received a prize! Afterwards the students served all the teachers with snacks…

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August 2013 update

Date: August 31, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Musical visit This month, a friend of Gamru School who lives in the village (Jane), introduced us all to her friends from the UK. Francesca, her husband, daughter and son are all musicians and so they played guitar and violin and sang for the students, who had a great time joining in, especially as they…

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June 2013 update

Date: June 30, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

College students’ visit from Reunion In June we were very lucky to be visited by a group of students from Reunion, a French-speaking island in the Indian Ocean, 200km off the east coast of Madagascar. The visit was organized and co-ordinated with the help of L.H.A and the Dharamsala Rotary Club. The students spent the…

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May 2013 update

Date: May 31, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Environment Day Our school celebrated Environment day by revealing the results of our flower and plant growing competition. Mr. Kishori Lal, our School President visited us and judged each entry very carefully as well as offered advice and tips for how to grow strong and healthy plants. The decision was a difficult one but here are…

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April 2013 update

Date: April 30, 2013 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Hatha Yoga session We took advantage of the good weather in April to have a larger Yoga session, demonstrated to all the older students by Anchal and Malika from 8th Class.

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