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August 2014 Update

Date: August 24, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Following the monsoon holiday, school began again on 7th August. The students performed well in the exams they took both before the holiday and on their return to school and the results are good.

During the holiday Tripti, the English teacher attended workshops run by the local education authority on ‘Fundamental Duties’. his term it is every school’s duty to make students aware of their fundamental duties in life and moral values. These subjects are usually taught as standard at Gamru Village School, but to celebrate the global introduction of these values into the general curriculum the teachers¬† organised competitions about this topic. On 12th August the students took part in a¬† painting competition, followed by an Essay Writing competition on 23rd August.

August 2014











Unfortunately during monsoon there was also a large mud slide in Chola village, on the opposite ridge to Gamru School, but home to many of our students. Fortunately our students and their families are all safe. We all pray that the weather does not get any worse and there are no more landslides in the area.