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April 2014 update

Date: April 21, 2014 Author: Rachel Categories: News

Final Exam results are in!

In March all students from 1st to 8th classes took their final exams. Our results were very good, with many students most students making personal progress and gaining above average marks compared with the average in state schools in the local area. Well done to all!

In India, a student must obtain more than 33% across all examination subjects (Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Sanskrit, G.K and Art) in order to pass.  All of our students passed their exams and this year, for the first time, our best and brightest from 8th standard will now go to a Private English-Medium School to continue their education.

A small number of students did not perform as well. This was due to several reasons; some have joined the school very recently and come to us with only basic skills in literacy and numeracy, as they have not attended school regularly or have not been adequately monitored in their previous schools. A few have learning difficulties, while others have been absent from school due to illness of family concerns.

For the next few months these students will receive extra tuition during revision classes, where they will work on a one-to-one basis or in a small group with our volunteers, to help bridge the gaps in their knowledge, hone basic skills and increase their confidence levels and self-esteem.


Exam Results 2014

8th Class visit to Jwalamukhi temple.

To celebrate the success of our 8th class students, and before saying ‘Farewell’ to them, the teachers organised a day trip out of their choice. They all wanted to visit the special fire temple at Jwalaji, home also to the Principal Meenakshi Sharma, whose family home is in the temple complex. Her brother is one of the Brahmin priests there and so our students were treated to a special VIP entrance into the temple as well as an extended lunch, before buying souvenirs in the market before the long bus ride home. Everyone enjoyed the visit very much.

Meenakshi and her brother

8th Class Farewell Party.

It is always a sad time saying goodbye to our oldest students, and this year was no exception, especially as they were the class who have been at the school the longest, since it started in 2004. 6th and 7th class students organised entertaining activities for them, quizzes and games, and everyone enjoyed party snacks together before letting their hair down and dancing together for the last time. The 8th class students prepared a quiz for the teachers and presented Meenakshi with a gift for the school. Meenakshi led an emotional goodbye, and gave them advice for the future. We wish them all good luck in their new schools and hope they will drop in from time to time to say hello!

8th class and teachers group photo