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Future Projects

Future Projects

We’ve outgrown the current building & need to build a bigger, safer school to include 9th & 10th standards. At present (2012) we are obliged to function as a school in a rented building. The monthly rent keeps increasing and is currently 13,000 rupees (U.S $236 / £156 / 195 Euros) per month. This monthly cost is set to rise to 15,000 rupees per month in 2013. As a result, our scope for future development and expansion is seriously affected. Our dreams however, are not and we plan to have our own premises one day. This would prove to be a huge leap forward for our school and would allow us to provide the very best in opportunities for self-betterment for our students.

Our projects and long-term goals are as follows:

  1. The purchase of the land behind the current rented building and the construction of a much larger, new and improved school building, with better, safer facilities. At present the acquisition of such land and the school’s subsequent construction is prohibitively expensive. We would currently need an estimated Rs. 50 lakh to achieve this ultimate goal. (U.S $120,000 / £65,000 / 68,000 Euros.)
  2. The provision of two years further study at our school, with the creation of 9th and 10th standard classes, allowing our students to finish their education here. Every year we have to say goodbye to our 8th class students, and they are always reluctant to leave. They do not want to go to the local government schools. They are happy here, where they know the teachers and feel safe and valued for themselves as individuals. Furthermore, fees must be paid to the local government schools, as well as uniforms, books and stationery paid for by their own parents. We therefore have to find individual sponsors for each student. So far we have been successful, but each year this will prove more and more difficult as more of our students are faced with having to leave.
  3. The provision of vocational training. Courses in carpentry, pottery, plumbing and electrics would greatly improve our students’ chances of finding employment withint the local area in future. Many of our students dream of being doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, lawyers, police officers, criminal detectives and so forth. Some of our less academic students however would greatly benefit from more vocational style training to allow all students the possibility of a career outside of labouring in the future.
  4. Some of our students come from Chhattisgarh, a poor rural area in the southern central region of India. Many have not attended school before, or have performed badly in school as teachers have been less rigorous in testing and checking their understanding. More often than not they therefore arrive at our school unconfident and unmotivated and very self-conscious of their lower levels of understanding in basic subjects like Hindi and Maths. It would be beneficial to them to employ one or two more teachers or helpers at the school, who could offer them one-to-one tutoring, to help them catch up on their studies and re-build their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. At present however there is only just enough to provide the current teachers’ with a meagre salary, and no provision can be made to hire extra help due a lack of funds.

Community Growth Society

Community Growth Society is our parent organization.

In response to the needs of the Gamru Community, Community Growth Society would love to be able to also develop the following projects:

  1. Gamru Village Medical Clinic
    Where as Gamru Village School provides basic medical assistance to the students, the Gamru village clinic would provide assistance to the entire community of Gamru Village. On average 17% of the local population suffers from water born diseases. With the cost of medicines and doctors fees, most of the sick or suffering cannot afford treatment. This places huge pressure on the financial aspect of the family. Without these people being able to work as they have to look after the sick the family suffers large financial constraints, placing them further down the poverty scale.The Gamru Village and surrounding area has a population of approximately 25,000 laborers, carpenters and masons. There is a high level of illiteracy and most families have incomes below the national poverty level. Until recently, when the slate mines were closed, the men would supplement their meagre returns from small scale farming by working in the mines. Now they travel further afield seeking labouring work as no alternative form of employment is available in the locality. This exacerbates the endemic problems of drinking and gambling among the men and places considerable economic and social strain on their families. Their access to health facilities is limited, particularly for the women and children who rarely venture out to seek medical help due to financial and social restraints.With help from Community Growth and Gamru Village School, a clinic could be established in the future, if futher donations and sponsors were found to help fund the project.